NM-AIST – Partner Spotlight

TAHUDE is the non-profit arm of the Gongali Model Co. Ltd, which was started in partnership with the the Nelson Mandela African Institution Science and Technology (NM-AIST). In 2015, they provided us with funds to build 100 Minimal Viable Products which allowed us build and create what would become the Nanofilter®.

To this day, we keep a close partnership. Our Nanofilter® testing is done in part in their world-class laboratories, and our co-founder Dr. Hilonga is a senior lecturer at NM-AIST. Students from the NM-AIST School of Materials, Energy, Water, and Environmental Sciences volunteer with Gongali Model Co. Ltd and TAHUDE to gain valuable experience, mentorship, and skills

About the Nelson Mandela African Institution Science and Technology

NM-AIST was established in 2005 as part of a network of African Institutions of Science and Technology (AISTs) in Africa. NM-AIST envisions becoming a World-Class Institution of Higher Learning dedicated to the pursuit and promotion of excellence in science/engineering, and their applications for economic growth and sustainable development in Africa. Their motto is “Academia for Society and Industry”.

NM-AIST has vast experience in managing research grants/projects from a variety of donors. Through the university, they have been able to implement various projects on low-cost solutions in the water and sanitation sector and achieve social impact through environmentally friendly solutions.